Nugent Wants "A Voodoo-Vermin Body Count"

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Washington Times columnist, Fox News regular, and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent is no stranger to violent rhetoric. But today's column seems to sets a new standard for depraved bloodthirst.

Nugent notes that the war in Afghanistan has cost the lives of more than 1,500 American soldiers, along with hundreds of billions of dollars. He comments than "Americans should demand to know specifically what we got for the lives and treasure." That seems like a reasonable statement... until Nugent lays out those specifics.

Nugent wants a "voodoo-vermin body count." He wants to know not only how many "voodoo terror maggots our military has killed," but also wants estimates for how many the military has "wounded and maimed," how many "caves and tents used to provide refuge for terror punks have been destroyed" and how many of their goats we have killed.

He goes on to write:

We can go to to see how "every cent" of our tax dollars has been spent on reigniting the economy and how many jobs have been created. Why can't we go to a website such as and see how many voodoo whack jobs our warriors have killed and wounded every day and how many in total we have caused to assume cave temperature and wounded?

I want to see a voodoo-vermin body-count digital board updated in real time much like the debt clock.

The real reason Americans aren't told how many voodoo vermin our military have killed and wounded is that it would not be politically correct. The current crop of Fedzillacrats running America probably believe that those statistics would offend other terrorists and cause them to get even angrier at America. Good.

We should want to make other terrorists and those who support them filled with rage. We should want the enemy to hate us, call us the Great Satan. No, we can't all just get along.

In July, Nugent's publicist denied a Media Matters request for an interview after seeing a list of our questions, which focused on his violent and extreme rhetoric. The publicist told us they wanted to maintain a focus on Nugent's "music and not political statements."

That's a smart PR strategy, but it won't end the questions about Nugent's violent rhetoric or the complicity of the right-wing media and the NRA who provide a forum for his extremism.

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