Boston's Howie Carr Broadcasts Message Discussing Shooting An "Illegal Alien"

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Boston radio host Howie Carr trumpeted a caller's voicemail that discussed shooting an "illegal alien" with an "illegal gun" Friday, after Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick cautioned against blaming "illegal immigration" for a fatal automobile accident involving an alleged drunk driver.

From the "Chump Line" segment where Carr comments on listeners' voicemails:

VOICEMAIL: Hey, hey Deval, I didn't shoot that illegal alien, my illegal gun did. Technically, is that illegal, to shoot an illegal, with an illegal?

HOWIE CARR: You see how you can tie yourself in knots when you begin to say one law is going to be enforced but another law is not going to be enforced.


(h/t Kyle de Beausset)

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