Fox News Doesn't "Begrudge" Obama A Vacation…. Except That It Does

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A curious tic has developed at Fox News as critics there take turns attacking Obama for going on a family vacation this week. What's odd is that time and again Fox News critics rush to emphasize how there's certainly nothing wrong with the president taking an extended August vacation. (i.e. Let's be reasonable…..) They then quickly explain why there's something very wrong with Obama's family trip to Martha's Vineyard.

A look at Fox News talkers who don't "begrudge" Obama a vacation. Except that they do. [Emphasis added]:

-"I don't begrudge him a vacation. I just begrudge him, like, Give us the [jobs]report and then go on vacation!" (Greta Van Susteren, Aug. 17)

-"Never begrudge the president of vacation. Look he's entitled to one, all presidents are. But the problem is perception, perception, confidence in the markets in the country. (Radio host David Webb, on Fox Business, Aug. 17)

-"I don't think people begrudge him from time off. And you look at the data, he has gone less days than Bush did or Clinton did at this time in their presidency.… Here's the issue, it is a bad visual and it is bad timing. Does he have to go to a $50,000 a week Martha's Vineyard estate? (Andrea Tantaros, Aug. 18)

-"Is Obama tone deaf for taking ten days right now on the Vineyard?....Nobody's begrudging the president a vacation." (Eric Bolling, Aug. 18).

-"Well, look, I don't begrudge any president a vacation because they're -- look, he's been in office two-and-a-half years, and if you go back and look at the pictures of the young man who took office on January 20th... I do think he's got a perception problem. He's going to a very tony East Coast vacation spot, Martha's Vineyard." (Karl Rove on Fox Business, Aug. 19)

-"Again, I don't begrudge the president of the United States to take a vacation. He deserves one. But the images and optics op this up with are bad for him politically. (Stephen Hayes, Aug. 19)

-"I don't begrudge the president a vacation. I want him to take a vacation. I think everybody needs a little time off. Even a cigarette I'd give him. But Martha's Vineyard when the country is suffering? I don't know, I'd rather see somebody down on a ranch in Texas. "(Judy Miller, Aug. 20)

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