Eric Bolling: What Happens In Brazil...

Eric Bolling: What Happens In Brazil...

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Eric Bolling, the linchpin of Fox News' afternoon exercise in pundit mediocrity known as The Five, has an interesting theory on who deserves "credit" for the fall of the Qaddafi regime in Libya. As Bolling sees it, certainly not President Obama, given that the president was in Brazil when he ordered U.S. forces to participate in airstrikes and other attacks on Libyan military targets.

Let's repeat that, just so we're clear. Fox News' Eric Bolling apparently thinks that President Obama, because he was in Brazil when he ordered military action, deserves no "credit" for Qaddafi's downfall. Bolling apparently thinks the Constitution works like the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Sure, it gives you all the powers and responsibilities of the commander-in-chief, but only if you stay inside the holy temple.

And what if the situation in Libya right now were reversed? What if the Qaddafi loyalists had managed to brutally crush the rebels in spite of NATO's involvement? Somehow I don't think Bolling would so heavily rely on the president's geographical location when meting out responsibility.

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