UPDATED: Breitbart Site, Fox Nation Fall For Misquoted YouTube Hit On Sen. Lautenberg

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Breitbart.tv is highlighting a YouTube video that shows Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) speaking at a seaside event that the video says was held on Wednesday in Belmar, New Jersey. The title of the video on YouTube is "Lautenberg 'we got to eliminate the rich.' " Similarly, the title of the Breitbart.tv post is "Sen Lautenberg: 'We Got to Eliminate the Rich.' "

Toward the end of the video, Lautenberg references Warren Buffett's recent statement that taxes should be raised on the wealthy. Lautenberg then says, "And it's a tough fight, but" -- and at this point, a graphic appears over the footage that says, "We got to Eliminate the rich."

If you listen carefully and ignore the text over the video, it's fairly easy to understand that what Lautenberg actually says is, "And it's a tough fight, but we've got to eliminate the waste, we've got to eliminate the fraudulent practice, the expanded things that have no value and the" -- and at this point, the video ends.


QUESTIONER: And my question is, how much money is taken -- or can be taken from illegal gains, such as drug seizures, and applied to replenishment of beaches and improving the quality of beaches in New Jersey?

LAUTENBERG: There is that opportunity along the way. But I'll tell you, there's another place to get your money. And it's to get it from people like me, who made their successes because of the infrastructure, the human infrastructure that the United States has. And we ought to pay more in our taxes for the values -- for the things that we've gotten as a result of the extraordinary middle class that we have in this country.

But we shouldn't discover that -- shouldn't, uh, offend them and say, "OK, you're -- you can't take care of your family? Too bad."

Go to Warren Buffett -- you heard him say it the other day -- the richest man in America, if not the second or third. And he said we ought to pay more for the privileges we wealthy have in this country. And it's a tough fight, but we've got to eliminate the waste, we've got to eliminate the fraudulent practice, the expanded things that have no value and the --

Fox Nation linked to Breitbart.tv, as did Doug Powers on MichelleMalkin.com.

UPDATE: Breitbart.tv has updated its post with the following text:

UPDATE: Some of our readers with extra-keen hearing think they hear the Senator say "We got to eliminate the WASTE". We'll let you be the judge.

This is a cop-out. It's clear to anyone who watches the video that Lautenberg is saying "waste," not "rich."

The responsible thing to do is change the headline of the post and add text apologizing and explaining the error.

UPDATE 2: Radio host Mark Levin repeated this claim on his radio show yesterday, despite playing the audio, in which Lautenberg clearly says "waste."

UPDATE 3: Fox Nation has pulled its post. The URL now returns an error message:

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