Did Fox's Greg Gutfeld Call Fox News Reporter Steve Brown A "Whiner"?

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called "political reporters" who reportedly complained about rough handing by Rep. Michele Bachmann's bodyguards "whiners."

On Wednesday, Politico reported:

In less than two months since entering the 2012 race, Bachmann's campaign staff has become embroiled in at least five unusually hostile encounters with the traveling media marked by pushing, shoving and, in one instance, the allegation of a threat of violence to a reporter.

Some of it has unfolded in full public view: Bachmann aides' tussles with the press have twice turned into news stories, once when veteran ABC News reporter Brian Ross was shoved and pushed by Bachmann staffers in South Carolina and on a second occasion when Bachmann's husband and two staffers pushed CNN's Don Lemon into a cart, producing a furious on-air complaint.

In another incident that did not make the air, a camera captured Fox News correspondent Steve Brown telling a bodyguard in Iowa, "Do not put your hands on me. Don't ever do it again."

Discussing these incidents Thursday on The Five, Gutfeld said: "I think that political reporters these days are whiners, especially the bloggers." He also told them to "lighten up."


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