Will Conservative Media Figures Denounce NY Post As Forcefully As They Assailed Newsweek?


Earlier this week, conservative media expressed outrage over a Newsweek cover depicting what Newsbusters described as "a very wide-eyed" Michele Bachmann "looking surprised and unattractive." The conservative website went on to call the photo "sexist" and claimed it was the "latest target in media's war on conservative women."

At the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin wrote:

But, it's not necessarily sexism, or rather only sexism, at work. As the Daily Caller reporter observes, in addition to a controversial shot of Sarah Palin in her bicycling attire, Newsweek has also put "unflattering" cover shots of Rush Limbaugh and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on the newsstands. Hmm. Now what do all these folks have in common. Oh, my -- all Republicans!

The problem isn't so much the sexism (rage? why not righteous indignation?) but biased, bad reporting. Bachmann is not peddling rage; she's demonstrating uncanny policy adeptness as the candidate of change. My, sort of like a noted community organizer.

CNN's Dana Loesch added: "When your premise is an unflattering photo (and if you don't have them you're a liar or Miranda Kerr) to sell your bias, you just might be a chauvinist."

Well, today, for a story about the fluctuating stock market, the News Corp.-owned New York Post came out with this cover:

On Fox News' The Five, Greg Gutfeld, who is notable on the show for his sexist stereotypes, said as he held up the NY Post cover: "When someone's trying to explain the stock market to me, they have to do it in very, very simple ways like the New York Post did ... this morning. Let me show this to you. They describe it as 'Crazy stox like a hooker's drawers... Up, down, up.' " Andrew Napolitano responded by laughing.

Gutfeld continued: "For somebody like me who doesn't understand the stock market or the economy, they're putting it out there in plain, simple language. They could've said it's like a roller coaster, but, no, they compared it to a hooker."

However, New York Magazine's Daily Intel blasted the photo, writing:

From the paper that told us disgustedly that Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser was a prostitute comes this simultaneously "adult" and also wholly immature cover story about something as unsexy as the stock market. Leave it to the Post to mix money with misogyny (and employ Ashley Dupré as a sex columnist), especially when it has nothing to do with the accompanying article, which opts for the more innocuous roller-coaster metaphor. If your boss said something like this to you at work, not only would it be unfunny, but it might be called sexual harassment.

And over at Feministing, in a post titled, "The New York Post somehow surpasses rock bottom," Vanessa wrote:

I feel like it's almost pointless to have folks email the paper to complain since I very highly doubt any reparations will be made for this abysmal excuse for journalism -- I mean, even for a tabloid, this is just low.


For serious. The New York Post to journalism is like your incoherent sexist, racist uncle of the family. Get with the times, dude.

Feministing editor Chloe Angyal posted on her Twitter feed:

Other than The Five panelists who simply laughed at the NY Post cover, how will other conservative media respond?

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