Fox's Attacks On Geithner Hit A Snag

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On his show today, Fox News' Vice President of Business Neil Cavuto followed the Fox party line by pushing his guests to say that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should be fired. But the line of attack didn't go well for Cavuto today.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told Cavuto the "current criticism of Tim Geithner is probably misplaced":

Even Cavuto's next guest, former UBS Chairman Joe Grano, who was perfectly willing to bash President Obama and progressive policies wasn't on board. Grano said "these issues, frankly, are bigger than Geithner" and suggested "structural" changes instead:

Perhaps Cavuto would have done better heeding the warnings of economic experts that if Geithner left, it would lead to a "loss in continuity." But Cavuto always seems to care more about his conservative talking points than with real economic news.

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