Beck Uses Holocaust Images, Distortions, Self-Aggrandizement To Promote His Israel Rally


A new video has appeared on Glenn Beck's website, titled "FREE GBTV Video Essay: Are the hatreds of the past returning?" The message of the video seems to be that the Jewish people are in danger of facing another Holocaust and no one is willing to stand up to it but Beck. This is in service of advertising Beck's upcoming "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel.

The video features Beck speaking on his radio show about the upcoming destruction of Israel and the Jewish people overlaid with images of people in Muslim garb calling for the destruction of Jews, and disturbing images of Nazis and concentration camp survivors. Beck warns of hatred of Jews returning and going hand in hand with hatred of capitalism and stereotypes about Jewish bankers, and says that a Nazi party is now forming in Egypt.

Beck then asks his audience if they would defend him if he were Jewish and being persecuted by a Nazi neighbor. This is overlaid with more Holocaust imagery and people waving pictures of Osama bin Laden and signs in Arabic.

This is followed by Beck asking, "Would you, as my friend, say 'I can't help you. You've got to give that land back first, and then I'll help you'?" This is overlaid with an image of President Obama and a map of Israel. But contrary to Beck's false implication that Obama has told Israel to give up land to the Palestinians before the United States will offer it help. Obama's reference to Israel's 1967 borders in his call for a "viable Palestine" and a "secure Israel" is in line with past U.S. policy on Israel, including remarks made by President George W. Bush. Obama has promised that the U.S. will be "unwavering" in its support for Israel, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Obama for his "steadfast commitment to Israel's security" and agreed that Israel's borders will have to change.

Beck then says that "we did promise we would never let it happen again" and that "they'll have to come through me," while showing images of U.S. troops storming a beach -- seemingly likening himself to the Allied invasion at Normandy -- and claiming that he would be willing to die for a righteous cause.

The video concludes with an advertisement for Beck's Restoring Courage rally and his new Internet venture, GBTV.

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