Fox Nation Upset NY Times Doesn't Call Ft. Hood Suspect Pfc. Abdo "Muslim" Enough

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Fox Nation is decrying the number of paragraphs it took The New York Times to call the foiled Ft. Hood terror suspect, Pfc. Naser Abdo, a Muslim, arguing that in not saying "Muslim" earlier in the story, the Times "downplayed" the entire story:

Abdo was arrested in Killeen, Texas, near Fort Hood. He was found with weapons, explosive [sic], and jihadist materials. Sources said he was attempting to purchase more weapons at the same gun store where Maj. Nidal Hasan purchased weapons allegedly used to gun down 13 people and would 30 others in a 2009 terrorist attack at the military base.

But the New York Times downplayed Abdo and Hasan's Muslim faith - and ultimately the entire story.

The foiled plot appeared on page A-11 of the newspaper's print edition. The word "Muslim" was mentioned once - in paragraph nine of the 13-paragraph story. The newspaper's top national story was a feature piece about a boy who is following his dream to be a circus clown. That story had 28 paragraphs.

This bit of selective outrage is especially hypocritical given that some of Fox's biggest personalities have been lashing out at the media for reporting that Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik is not a Christian.

Despite Breivik self-identifying as a Christian, right-wing media breathlessly worked to separate him from the rest of Christanity. Apparently in the Fox Nation, a terrorist's faith is only pertinent if that faith is Islam.

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