The Wall Street Journal: Where Calling Rush Limbaugh Constitutes Staying "Behind The Scenes"

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Reporting that Speaker John Boehner was "facing a rebellion among conservative Republicans" over his proposal to avoid default, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting take on Boehner's very public effort to cajole media conservatives into backing his plan:

Mr. Boehner (R., Ohio) stayed largely behind the scenes Tuesday, though he made a pitch for his plan after a GOP meeting.

This image of Boehner working tirelessly behind the scenes to avoid a default crisis is pure conservative fantasy.

After all, Boehner kicked off his day pitching his plan very publicly on Cincinnati conservative radio host Brian Thomas's KRC morning show. Boehner's afternoon included a call to GOP leader Rush Limbaugh's radio show seeking Limbaugh's approval for the plan:


What exactly would Boehner have to do for the Journal to acknowledge that he's not working "behind the scenes"?

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