Wash. Times' Tyrrell Suggests Obama Holds "Racist" And "Anti-American" Views


In a July 20 Washington Times column, R. Emmett Tyrrell defended GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's religious views, after she recently left a church which has reportedly been associated with anti-Catholic viewpoints. Tyrrell further attacked the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, claiming he "regularly spouted racist bilge and assessments of this country that were frankly anti-American." Tyrrell went on to suggest that Obama holds "[s]ome of those views." From the Washington Times:

This sniping at Mrs. Bachmann for the religious values for her former church is a bit hypocritical. In 2008, we elected as president a man who attended the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years. He remained a member until May 2008, when he resigned under fire. The Rev. Wright regularly spouted racist bilge and assessments of this country that were frankly anti-American. Some of those views were very close to those expressed here and abroad by President Obama. I do not know what Mr. Obama thinks about papal infallibility, but I have my suspicions. My guess is that he doesn't believe in papal infallibility. He will stick with Jeremiah Wright's infallibility.


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