Tantaros Pivots From Muslim Fearmongering To Warning Against "Hostility Towards" Religion

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Minutes after participating in a segment centered on stoking fears that Muslims were building an Al Qaeda "victory mosque" at "Ground Zero," Fox News' Andrea Tantaros invoked religious tolerance as a cudgel against atheists who are questioning Texas Governor Rick Perry's upcoming prayer rally.

During a segment led by co-host Eric Bolling, Tantaros had no quibbles baselessly insinuating that the developers of an Islamic Community Center planned for lower Manhattan might be funded by terrorists:

Once the panel began discussion Texas Governor Rick Perry's controversial prayer rally, however, Tantaros called on atheists critical of the governor's participation to reject "hostility towards" religion:

Tantaros's inconsistency on the issue of hostility to religion does fit into a larger Fox narrative that pairs an embrace of Christianity with a distrusting eye cast toward Islam, which is treated as a national security threat more than a religion. Indeed, Fox News has a long and disreputable history of using Islamophobia to gin up fear over the Park 51 project.

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