Bipartisan Call For U.S. Investigation Of News Corp.


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has called for the FBI to investigate News Corp. to see if the voicemails of 9/11 victim's families were hacked into.

New York Republican Pete King is calling on the FBI to investigate whether Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation hacked into the voicemail accounts of Sept. 11 victims, calling the allegations of the scandal "disgraceful."

"As I see it, I would expect more things to be coming out over the next several weeks," King told POLITICO. "And as we approach 9/11, the tenth anniversary, it's even going to get worse."

King said he plans to send a letter to the bureau this afternoon.

Rep. King joins Senators Lautenberg, Boxer, Rockefeller, and Menendez in requesting an investigation into News Corp.'s activities.

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