Fox Urges More Media Outlets To Debunk Its Attack On Media Matters Like Politico Did

Fox Urges More Media Outlets To Debunk Its Attack On Media Matters Like Politico Did

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As part of Fox's recent series of attacks on Media Matters for America, Fox & Friends Sunday co-host Dave Briggs asked the following question yesterday: "We've been telling you about David Brock and Media Matters using your tax dollars to fund a liberal propaganda war on Fox News, but why is the story still being ignored by the mainstream media?"

Briggs added: "Thus far only has mentioned the story, and it wasn't until last week when they published just one article. Other than that, it's been radio silence from other news organizations."

Maybe Briggs and others at Fox haven't read the Politico article Briggs referenced, because after detailing claims by Fox and its allies that Media Matters is violating its tax status as a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3), Politico reported that former IRS official Marcus Owens believes "the law is on Media Matters's side" and stated that "Fox loses this round."

Nevertheless, Fox was so excited about the Politico article that the network put up a shot of it during the segment:

Fox screenshot

Poor Fox. Desperate for people to pay attention to its attacks on Media Matters, the network appears to be willing to cite an article that totally debunks its entire argument.

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