Fox's Mike Huckabee Mimics Beck's Violent Rhetoric

Fox's Mike Huckabee Mimics Beck's Violent Rhetoric


Glenn Beck may be gone from Fox News, but it looks like he has left a giant mark on the network. Five days after his final Fox News show, George Will parroted some of Beck's outlandish claims on ABC's This Week in attacks on Woodrow Wilson and progressives, who were two of Beck's most favored targets to demonize.

On Friday, it was Mike Huckabee's turn to assume the role of Beck puppet when he likened President Obama's economic policies to dropping "a lit match" into a "can of gasoline."


The reason Huckabee's comments seem so familiar is because they are eerily reminiscent of Beck's unforgettable gag in April 2009 in which he claimed to be imitating Obama pouring gasoline -- which Beck later stated was water -- on an actor portraying "the average American." During his demonsration, Beck asked, "President Obama, why don't you just set us on fire?"

That stunt proved to be one of the worst examples of Beck's often violent rhetoric.

Unfortunately, Huckabee's appearance on Your World With Neil Cavuto on Friday is evidence that Beck's bizarre and dangerous tactics have left their mark, and are being spread by other Fox commentators in his absence.

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