Wait, Fox's Chris Wallace Now Example of "Mainstream Press" Treating Michele Bachmann Unfairly?

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That seems to be the case that Mark McKinnon makes in The Daily Beast today. The former Bush advisor insists the "mainlining media" relentlessly portray Michele Bachmann in an unflattering light:

Conservative women in politics run a punishing gauntlet. They endure psychological evaluations and near-gynecological exams their male and liberal counterparts do not.

McKinnon makes passing reference to just two media put-downs of Bachmann. The first is that she's been derided as a "delusional, paranoid zealot." McKinnon cites no source for the quote and Google and Nexis searches for that phrase come up empty, but I'm guessing he's referring to a recent, unflattering piece in Rolling Stone by columnist Matt Taibbi.

McKinnon's second example? Fox News' Chris Wallace, who over the weekend asked Bachmann if she's a "flake." (He quickly apologized.) That's right, Fox News is one of the two examples McKinnon offers as proof that the "mainstream press" is treating Bachmann and "conservative women in politics" very, very badly.

Does that mean that Wallace is now part of the despised liberal media?

Mark McKinnon
The Daily Beast
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