Hoft: "Never ... Hire A Muslim Women [sic] For A Retail Job"

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Today, conservative blogger Jim Hoft attacked a Muslim woman for suing Abercrombie & Fitch for discrimination. According to the Associated Press, the woman alleged that the company fired her from her stockroom job for refusing to remove her hijab while at work.

Beyond quoting the AP, Hoft's comments consisted of saying:

Here we go...

A Muslim woman sued clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch ov [sic] their hijab policy.

It's Islamophobic.


Obviously, the lesson here is never to hire a Muslim women [sic] for a retail job.

Whether or not the final comment is meant facetiously, it's unclear why Hoft thinks the woman who filed the lawsuit deserves to be attacked.

What is clear is that Hoft is always up for a baseless attack against Muslims.

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