Hannity Gets Exclusive First Interview With Huntsman


It's a poorly kept secret that many journalists are big fans of Jon Huntsman. Or as Politico editor-in-chief John Harris put it this weekend, reporters that meet Huntsman "tend to swoon" over him.

So Media Matters' Joe Strupp is attending Huntsman's formal announcement of his presidential candidacy at New Jersey's Liberty State Park in order to cover the media's coverage.

But Strupp reports that according to Huntsman aide Jake Suski, Huntsman won't be taking any questions at the event from swooning mainstream media reporters. Instead, he's apparently giving an exclusive interview to Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Strupp reports that the Fox News set is constructed about 50 yards away from the podium where Huntsman is making his announcement.

"They have the exclusive," says Suski, adding that Huntsman would be available to other reporters "later on today on the plane."

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