Hannity Segment Is A Parade Of Falsehoods About Obama's Economic Policies


A segment on tonight's edition of Fox News' Hannity featured Sean Hannity, Fox Business reporter Sandra Smith, and Fox News contributor Monica Crowley repeating a laundry list of falsehoods about Obama's handling of the economy.

Let's take them one by one.

Hannity: Obama is laughing off the "bump in the road that is America's struggling economy."

When Obama made his comment about there being a "bump in the road," he was referring to economic "disruptions" such as turmoil in the Middle East and the Japan earthquake, rather than unemployment. See HERE.

Hannity: Obama "can't even deny" that the stimulus was a "disastrous failure."

Nonpartisan studies have shown that the economy would be in worse condition today without the 2009 stimulus, and that the stimulus has increased employment and GDP. See HERE.

Crowley: When Obama said "shovel ready" jobs were not as "shovel ready" as expected, he was laughing about the stimulus being ineffective.

Obama's comment came while he was making the observation that eliminating unnecessary regulations might speed up job creation. See HERE.

Hannity: Obama is golfing, play basketball, and travelling while he is supposed to be fixing the economy.

This is a frequently used attack in the right-wing media, which has trouble accepting that Obama can focus on more than one thing at a time. See HERE.

Crowley: The stimulus was a "political act" to "buy off Democrat political constituencies."

About a third of the stimulus money went to counties that supported McCain in 2008. See HERE.

Crowley: Obama has "spent us into a Keynesian coma"

Bush-era policies are largely to blame for America's debt and deficit problems. See HERE and HERE.

At the end of the segment, ostensibly "straight news" Fox Business reporter Sandra Smith adopted Hannity's theme that we "can't afford" four more years of an Obama presidency.

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