Hannity, Fox News' One-Man Cleanup Crew, Is Out In Full Force


Sean Hannity devoted two-thirds of his Fox News show tonight to "Hannitizing" Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump, who infamously toyed with the idea of a presidential run while embracing birtherism.

In the first segment, Hannity interviewed Gingrich and allowed him to give his campaign stump speech and explain away the mass exodus of staffers from his campaign last week.

In a second segment devoted to Gingrich, the softball questions and Obama-bashing continued. Hannity even speculated that Obama's comment in a Today show interview that his family would accept his not running for a second term means that Obama is "defeated." In total, Hannity devoted 13 minutes to Gingrich.

Next, Hannity moved onto an interview with Trump, taped inside Trump's office. Right out of the gate, Hannity asked Trump if there is any chance that he may re-enter the presidential race as an independent, which Trump has already indicated is a possibility. Hannity's highly sympathetic interview with Trump lasted two segments, totaling 11 minutes.

That totals 24 minutes of Hannity given over to Gingrich and Trump tonight.

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Sean Hannity
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