Coulter Claims "No One" On Network That Obsessively Hyped Birtherism "Ever Mentioned It"


It's hardly news that Ann Coulter loves making outrageous statements, but she told a whopper during today's Fox & Friends Saturday that takes the cake:

COULTER: I'm always suspicious when a story is covered heavily on one of the liberal stations and not being talked about on Fox. For example, the birther story, all over MSNBC -- no one on Fox ever mentioned it.

Yes, she said that. "[N]o one on Fox ever mentioned" birtherism.

Is it possible Ann Coulter has actually never watched Fox? Because that's the only way anyone could possibly believe that's true.

In reality, as Media Matters reported, Fox News hyped the birther myth in at least 52 separate segments -- a total of two hours and 20 minutes -- between February 21 and April 21. And in 44 of those segments, the Fox hosts completely failed to rebut false claims that President Obama might have been born outside the United States. From host Sean Hannity's relentless campaign to get Obama to "produce the birth certificate" to Fox's embarrassing promotion of conspiracy theorists like Jerome Corsi, the network was a full-time cheerleader for a lie that had already been debunked in 2008.

And that study only covered a two-month period in 2011 (Fox was taking the lead from one Donald J. Trump, it appeared). Over the past few years, Fox has featured countless segments promoting birthers and their conspiracy theories. Fox Business Network even went as far as hiring a prominent birther -- former CNN host Lou Dobbs.

Hilariously, one of Fox Business' most notorious birthers, Eric Bolling, was guest hosting Fox & Friends Saturday today and thus was sitting across from Coulter when she made this comment. (After Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Bolling devoted an episode of his show to scrutinizing the document, finding "photoshopped" borders and suspicious "fold[s]" and later declared on talk radio, "I certainly don't think it's been put to rest.") Can you imagine what Bolling was thinking? "Gosh, Ann, I'm hurt -- you must never watch my show."

So for Coulter to appear on Fox News and claim that "no one on Fox ever mentioned" the birther story isn't just wrong. It's so wrong, it's laughable.

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