Cavuto Adopts Beck's Fearmongering: Violent Riots Are Coming To America

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With the debt ceiling looming, Neil Cavuto is channeling his inner Glenn Beck and warning that violent riots, like those in Greece, are coming unless we make drastic spending cuts.

"Time to get serious," he warned. "Take a look at Greece. Out of dough, out of time, out of patience. So beware those Greeks bearing fists; they're just setting the stage -- for us."

Later on his Fox Business show, Cauvto elaborated:

We fix our sights on Greece because I am telling you Greece is coming here. Angry workers there were told the government gravy train is over, time to cutback. Angry state workers here protesting the same message and not all inclined to cut anything back. Now, it's been less violent so far here but I am fixing to tell you, fix your sights on Europe because all that is coming here.


We look at these things and think, oh boy, if we had cutbacks we wouldn't act like that. We wouldn't be throwing Molotov cocktails or shaking our fist and God knows what else in the air. I think we would, actually.

Beck has similarly warned (as far back as November 2009) that Greek riots are "coming" and that Americans will react with violent riots when they are told of cutbacks:

What do you think we're seeing in France and in Greece? What is this? Do you remember on this program? How long ago did I say this was happening, two years ago, year-and-a-half?

I told you this was going to happen. "New York Times" ridiculed me. Wait until it washes ashore in America. They're riding in the streets in France over a two-year increase in retirement age, from 60 to 62. They're calling it a birthright. But the retirement age was lowered from 65 to 60 in 1982.

We have 40 million people now on food stamps in America, 40 million. We have people protesting in the street because 99 weeks just isn't enough.

Now, let me ask you something. How do you think it's going to over to when we finally realize what England is doing, what they just realized is right. That we have to start to drastically cut government program and handouts.


Put yourself in this situation because, see, this is where it will become real for you. You lose your job. You don't have health care.

Your kids are hungry. The economy is spiraling out of control. Your dollar is losing value.

And people are starting to riot in the streets. And this is happening in the streets of your town.

And someone steps up to a microphone and says, "I can bring order to the place." How many people in the neighborhood will say, wait, wait, wait, is that constitutional? No. Very few will. They'll just want order. Make it stop! [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 10/21/10, via Nexis]

It's becoming clear that Beck's transition off Fox News will not make his Greek riot fearmongering stop.

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