In Unedited Video, O'Reilly Told Stewart That "Shepard Smith Said To Me, 'I Like Common'"

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On Monday, Bill O'Reilly debated Jon Stewart over the White House's invitation to the rapper Common for a poetry event last week. O'Reilly criticized the White House, while Stewart pointed out the hypocrisy of Fox News' selective outrage. The unedited video of the debate reveals that Stewart may have had the support of at least one Fox News anchor: Shepard Smith.

Edited portions of the interview aired on Monday and Tuesday, and posted the full 27-minute interview. In a portion Fox News cable viewers didn't see, O'Reilly said that "Shepard Smith said to me, 'I like Common.' We have a lot of diversity here."


Smith - who anchors one-hour shows at 3pm and 7pm ET - frequently acts as the lone voice of reason in the conservative network's daily programming. Still, as Stewart correctly pointed out, Fox News was relentless in its criticism of the White House over a poetry event. Indeed, if Smith didn't work at Fox News, it's not hard to imagine Fox News employees and Fox Nation attacking him as someone who "Defends 'Cop Killer' Rapper."

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