Fox Nation Attacks Treasury Secretary For Staving Off Economic Catastrophe

Blog ››› ››› ADAM SHAH reported the unsurprising news that now that the federal government has reached its debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is taking measures to ensure that the government meets its obligations for the short-term while the White House and lawmakers attempt to reach a deal for raising that ceiling. In Geithner's words, he is taking those measures to "avoid catastrophic economic consequences for citizens."

According to, those measures include "a plan to suspend investments to two government employee retirement funds, while borrowing from one of them." also reported that "the move will not affect federal workers and retirees and that the accounts will be 'made whole' once the debt limit is increased."

But's companion website, Fox Nation, used Geithner's responsible move to stave off economic collapse to issue an unhinged attack on the Treasury Secretary with a headline stating: "Turbo Tim Raids Pension Plans." As of 9:30 pm ET, this was the lead story on the Fox Nation and had been so for more than two hours.

Fox Nation Attacks Geithner

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