Two Potential Beck Replacements: A 9-11 Truther And A Birther

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As Media Matters documented, Fox Business host Eric Bolling made a fool of himself last night when he repeatedly raised questions about the President's long-form birth certificate.

Bolling turned to discredited blogger Pamela Geller for analysis, and said "there's a green border around it that had to be Photoshopped in" and wondered why the family of Obama's delivery doctor was unaware he delivered "the president." (The doctor died in 2003.)

Earlier that day, Bolling also told radio host Mike Gallagher that he has "a lot of questions" about the just-released certificate and added, "I certainly don't think it's been put to rest."

Bolling's embrace of birther conspiracies isn't particularly surprisingly since that's been his shtick on Fox. After all, this is a guy who once wondered if Obama "let" the Gulf oil rig leak so he "could renege on his promise" to "allow some offshore drilling" and ran with the bizarre claim that Obama was going to "prohibit fishing."

Several weeks ago, Fox News announced that they were canning Glenn Beck's Fox News program but did not announce a replacement. Two potential replacements include Bolling and his fellow Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano (both regularly substitute on Beck's Fox News program).

Napolitano has his own set of problems. Aside from his aversion to accuracy, Napolitano is a believer in conspiracy theories about the 9-11 attacks.

Even if Bolling doesn't get Beck's Fox slot, it's worth repeating that he's a regular analyst for Fox News' "straight news" programs where, as Jocie Fong noted, he's "presented as an authoritative analyst brought on to explain economic developments or data, 'break it down,' and 'put it in perspective for us,' in the words of two Fox anchors." This despite the fact that Bolling has openly advocated for Republican victories and describes his professional goal as "beating liberalism/socialism/'progressivism' back to where it came from."

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