Breitbart Blogger Compares Birther Story to Iraq War, Watergate, Impeachment

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

I don't think this is a parody:

Many Americans were shocked yesterday when President Obama finally released his long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. The real surprise however is that for the past three years our democratic institutions did not address the matter.

The press refused to tackle this issue with the same investigative drive with which they did investigated Watergate, President Clinton's alleged indiscretions and the Bush administration's missteps in Iraq – the courts declined to hear a single case on the issue, and the Congress failed to hold any hearings on the matter.

That's right, Andrew Breitbart's team is mad the press did not "investigate" a non-story in which no facts were in dispute. And now Breitbart's team is lecturing us about how journalism is supposed to work.


Andrew Breitbart
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