Stock Market Soars, Fox News Remains Mum

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

If you ever needed more proof that under Obama, Fox News has adopted a good-news-is-no-news policy, look no further than how Rupert Murdoch's cable channel covered the recent Dow Jones stock spike. Or more accurately, just look at how Fox News did not cover the robust story.

Late last week, the Dow reached its highest mark in nearly three years, closing at 12,505. The strong performance, fueled by waves of corporate profit reports, represented a nearly 6,000 point gain in just the last two years.

But at Fox News, the story barely garnered a mention. According to a search of, Fox News made exactly two "Dow" references on Thursday when the new three-year mark was set. (Glenn Beck mentioned rising stocks on his show that day to insists the strong Dow was proof that bad news was on the way.) The next day Fox News devoted just a few mentions to how Wall Street was suddenly booming under Obama. And since then, there's been little Fox News discussion about the good-news run on stocks.

It's true that the encouraging Dow news generally received muted attention from all the major news organizations. (Like Obama's job approval rating, apparently it's only big news when the Dow goes down.) But Fox News stands out because of how in the past it so clearly blamed Obama for Dow dips and relentlessly covered them as news. And also because of how host Beck built his Fox News career around warning viewers the American economy was hurtling towards certain, and total, collapse.

Not according to Wall Street it's not.

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