Fox Nation Decides: Pelosi Is A "Fraud"


A Fox Nation headline declares that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been "exposed as fraud," linking to a post by Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent that in no way calls Pelosi a fraud.


Sargent's post, headlined "Pelosi: Dems Shouldn't Take GOP's Bait on Medicare," highlights a conference call Pelosi held with bloggers, during which she discussed Democratic strategy to respond to Paul Ryan's proposed budget plan.

According to the Sargent:

On a conference call with bloggers, Nancy Pelosi urged Dems to fashion their response to Paul Ryan's Medicare proposals on the Democratic Party's successful defeat of Social Security privatization, and made a critical point: Dems succeeded in 2005 because they did not take the GOP's bait by offering their own plan to "fix" Social Security.

Pelosi -- who is widely viewed as the person most responsible for ensuring that Dems drew a hard line against Bush's privatization proposals -- said that so doing would have persuaded people that there must have been something wrong with Social Security that needed fixing. She suggested that Dems should keep that message in mind as they prepare to do battle over Ryan's Medicare proposals.

Nowhere in Sargent's post did the word "fraud" appear.

Fox Nation
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