Fox's Jenkins Claims He "Didn't See" Sammon Admission That He Lied On-Air About Obama


Think Progress' Lee Fang confronted Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins about Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon's admission that he had linked Obama to socialism on-air during the 2008 campaign while "privately" believing at the time that the allegation was "far-fetched."

Fang caught up to Jenkins at an event in Washington, DC. Jenkins responded by saying he knew nothing about that scandal or about the memo that Sammon had written to Fox Newsers tying Obama to socialism.

For those of you who don't know Jenkins, he is the same Fox News correspondent who endorsed the Tea Party's call to "get these liberal communists out of our government."

He is also the same Fox reporter who asked a young child about the "costs of government" on her shoulders.

And for someone whose job it is to be on top of the news, Mr. Jenkins seems to be woefully ignorant.

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