UPDATED: Beck Radio Falling Short Of "400th Affiliate Milestone"


On June 14, 2010, Premiere Radio Networks announced that Glenn Beck's radio program "hit a broadcasting milestone of 400 affiliates." Since then, Glenn Beck's website boasts that his show is "heard on over 400 stations:"

Well, it's time for Glenn Beck to update his website and marketing materials.

According to industry data obtained by Media Matters, Glenn Beck's radio program is now short of its heralded "over 400" affiliate status. Asked to comment, Radio Business Reporter's Carl Marucci echoed this finding, stating, "our best gauge right now is also shy of 400." Premiere Radio Networks did not respond to requests for comment.

This should come as no surprise. Since the beginning of 2011, seven radio stations have dropped Glenn Beck's show.

Buckley radio dropped Beck from five of its stations - WOR in New York City and four in Connecticut. Philadelphia's WPHT and Madison's WTDY also replaced Beck. Kansas City's KMBZ moved Glenn Beck from his coveted morning slot to a significantly less desirable late-evening slot.

Further, due to Jewish Funds for Justice's terrific work, five New York City radio stations have already committed to keeping Glenn Beck off the air there.

Forbes contributor Rick Ungar explains the financial significance of Beck losing radio affiliates - especially a NYC station:

While the radio show can survive the loss of the smaller markets in the Buckley group, no radio program can long survive the loss of New York as being shut-out of the nation's largest market makes selling national advertising exceptionally difficult if not completely impossible.

This is particularly true when you add in the loss of affiliates in major markets such as Philadelphia and the show's getting the boot out of the key morning drive slot in Kansas City.

Although much attention has been given to the dramatic decline of Glenn Beck's sponsor-dry Fox News show, this significant drop in radio support reminds us that Beck's decline isn't limited to just television.

The verdict: Glenn Beck is bad for business, whether it be television or radio.

UPDATE: Several outlets have called into question the veracity of the data included in this post. We compiled our information from two separate sources. First, on March 25, Radio Business Report - a radio industry publication - published a report indicating that Beck had fallen below 400 stations. Second, we purchased industry data from PrecisionTrak - considered to be the industry leader in compiling radio station information. An analysis of the PrecisionTrak data corroborated the RBR report. If either RBR or PrecisionTrak update their data, we will change this post accordingly. Additionally, if we receive comment or clarification on our report from Premiere Radio Networks - which we asked for prior to publishing this item - we will update our website.

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