Glenn Beck Hosts Alex Jones-Approved "Legend"

Blog ››› ››› BEN DIMIERO

We'll have plenty more to come on this guy shortly. But here's a teaser.

Tonight, Beck's lead guest is G. Edward Griffin, a 9-11 truther (and John Birch Society member) whom Alex Jones has called a "trailblazer" and a "legend in the alternative media New World Order resistance movement. One of the last living icons, the great-grandaddies in the fight." Here's a fawning 90-minute interview Jones conducted with Griffin:

If Glenn Beck wants to know why "the media" doesn't take his conspiracy theories seriously, the fact that he hosts people like G. Edward Griffin is a good hint.


Among many, many other bizarre conspiracies, Griffin has written a book alleging that cancer can be cured by the B-17 vitamin, but this has been covered up due to "the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment."

Oh, and according to Griffin's website, Glenn Beck's dismissal of birthers is evidence that Beck's "role as a controlled opposition leader is becoming more obvious."

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