Fox Consults Noted Conspiracy Theorist, Birther For Report On Palin


Today, the Fox & Friends co-hosts consulted Aaron Klein, whom they billed as a "Jerusalem based reporter and conservative radio talk show host," to weigh in on Sarah Palin's trip to Israel. Despite Fox's best efforts to give Klein -- a contributor to World Net Daily -- some credibility, the fact still remains that he is an admitted birther and conspiracy theorist who went as far as to publish his inane ramblings in a book.

Here are some highlights from Klein's book:

  • Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's Book Dreams from My Father
  • A whole chapter is devoted to the idea that Obama wasn't born in the US
  • Obama was tainted by the ideas of Bill Ayers as an 11-year-old boy
  • By not making his college transcripts known, Obama is clearly hiding something...and that something must involve--wait for it--Bill Ayers.

It's not as though hosting people with absolutely no credibility whatsoever is new for Fox News, but perhaps looking past the birthers into the deep end of the guest pool might be a good idea for Fox in the future, particularly when reporting on their hometown GOP 2012 favorite, Sarah Palin.

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