Why Is Fox News Suddenly Allergic To Beck's Site, The Blaze?

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It's certainly the site's biggest scoop of the year, and arguably its biggest news-maker ever. But for some reason Fox News has suddenly become allergic to Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze.

In fact, it seems as if most players in the right-wing media movement have development a collective case of denial regarding The Blaze. Could it possibly be connected with the fact that The Blaze, somewhat surprisingly, posted a detailed takedown of James O'Keefe's undercover NPR sting and that The Blaze highlighted key portions of video that were clearly boosted by unethical editing? (Beck's site is operated independently of Fox News.)

Remember that last week Fox News anchors and guests (and especially Bill O'Reilly) couldn't stop talking about O'Keefe's NPR gotcha and all the horrible things it supposedly confirmed about public radio, and how they proved NPR needed to be defunded by the federal government. But in recent days as the story has taken a sharp turn and is now about the dishonest shortcuts O'Keefe took, the Fox News team isn't interested. The Fox News team, both on cable and online, refuses to follow the story wherever it leads, which is what real journalists would do.

In fact, O'Reilly did another segment on the NPR tapes last night and carefully avoided any mention of The Blaze and the questions it has raised about O'Keefe's shoddy work.

Fox News no longer wants to focus on O'Keefe's undercover clips. And Fox News has zero interest in informing its viewers that, oh by the way, Glenn Beck's website pretty much demolished the supposed NPR sting.

FYI, in a move that should surprise absolutely no one, far-right blogger Jim Hoft plays completely dumb about the situation, pretending it's NPR that's claiming the O'Keefe tapers were unethically edited. Hoft makes no mention of the fact that it's Beck's website that first started making that allegation.

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