Palin, Uninterrupted: The Fox News Primary Continues

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Sean Hannity gave Sarah Palin 14 minutes of airtime tonight to bash Democrats and lay out her prescriptions for America, piling on top of the $7.59 million dollars in in-kind contributions that Palin has received from Fox News, part of a $55 million total to Fox News presidential candidates.

Palin's appearance follows the recent suspensions of Fox News contributors Next Gingrich and Rick Santorum -- and questions about why Palin was not suspended as well. A Fox News executive claimed Palin was not suspended because she has not "done anything herself to show us she has any intention of running right now." Yet Fox repeatedly hypes any indication that Palin will run, and Fox News employees have indicated that they believe Palin will run.

Hannity continued the hype, asking if Palin is "getting closer to making a decision" about whether to run as a presidential nominee. After Palin refused to commit one way or the other, Hannity responded, "We're going to continue to follow the process with you."

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