Geller Compares Opposition To Muslim Radicalization Hearings To "Pre-War Nazi Germany"

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In a post last night, far-right anti-Islam blogger Pam Geller responds to news that the American Library Association has joined with numerous other organizations to oppose Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) hearing today on the purported radicalization of American Muslims with the following:

This is what it must have looked like in pre-war Nazi Germany. One after another, they all fall down.

The ALA is the same craven organization that caved and cancelled Robert Spencer in 2009 after Hamas-linked CAIR demanded adherence to Islamic law. "Do not defame or insult Islam." The ALA accommodates the sharia.

On March 8, ALA joined more than 40 human rights and civil libertiesgroups in writing a letter to King which stated:

Treating an entire community as suspect because of the bad acts or intolerant statements of a few is imprudent and unfair, and in the past has only led to greater misunderstanding, injustice and discrimination. Erroneous theories of eugenics supported racist immigration policies and Jim Crow anti-miscegenation laws for decades. Misguided 'red' scares and racism drove abominable policies like blacklists, McCarthyism and Japanese internment, betrayed American values and did not improve security. To avoid the same mistakes, the Committee should rely on facts and scientifically rigorous analysis, not biased opinions or unsupported theories positing a discernable 'radicalization' process that are belied by available evidence.

It's always "pre-war Nazi Germany" for Geller, who regularly invokes the Holocaust and Nazis to attack those with whom she disagrees, including President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and the Democratic Party.

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