Fox Nation Hypes Video Suggesting Planned Parenthood Puts Babies In Blenders

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The American Life League (ALL) put out a video on February 25 showing a bunny being placed in a blender and claiming Planned Parenthood does this -- not with bunnies but with babies. ALL asked for all federal funding to Planned Parenthood be cut off. Perhaps upset that ALL did not have enough money to run this ad non-stop on Fox News, Fox News' website Fox Nation posted the ad.

Fox Nation hyping anti-Planned Parenthood ad

Beyond making the outrageous comparison between abortion and placing live babies in blenders, the ad falsely suggests that Planned Parenthood uses federal tax dollars to pay for abortions. In fact, federal law prohibits federal funding for abortion in almost all cases.

Moreover, Planned Parenthood's abortion services account for little of the organization's overall activities. Indeed, according to a February Planned Parenthood fact sheet, Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive health care and education to 5 million clients a year, and only 3 percent of its services are abortion services. Cutting off federal funding would result in cuts to Planned Parenthood's sexual and reproductive health care budget, including its contraceptive services, its sex education services, and its sexually transmitted disease screening services.

But that won't stop Fox from continuing to push dishonest attacks on Planned Parenthood.

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