Beck: Fists Are Only Used As Logos By Socialist Groups Like FreedomWorks

Beck: Fists Are Only Used As Logos By Socialist Groups Like FreedomWorks

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Glenn Beck was talking revolution today. Specifically, he was concerned with the "socialist radical" raised-fist kind of revolution.

Discussing his general bogeyman of socialists, communists, and whatever other kinds of revolutionaries he never-endingly rants about with David Horowitz, Beck showed logos of two separate organizations that have one thing in common: the image of a raised fist in its promotional materials.

Beck and Horowitz explained the connection:

BECK: David, I know you don't have - I don't think Fox doesn't go to LA, they don't let it in - LA. You can't see these, but I'm holding them up. And one is the International Socialist Organization logo, and the other is the AFL-CIO Stand With Wisconsin logo. They're identical. Would you guys agree they're identical? Yeah, they're identical.

HOROWITZ: Well of course. The socialist radical left took over the AFL-CIO years ago.

Well of course. If an organization promotes the image of a raised fist, it must be a "socialist radical left" organization.

Using Glenn Beck's own logic, his long-time partner and sponsor, FreedomWorks, is a "socialist radical left" organization. After all, it used a raised fist in its logo, once:

FreedomWorks Fist Logo

(h/t Charles Johnson)

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