9-11 Truther Napolitano Hosts Another Truther On His Fox Show

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Today on his Fox Business show, Freedom Watch, Andrew Napolitano hosted 9-11 truther Eric Margolis. Napolitano has previously supported the conspiracy theory that the government is lying about the attacks on September 11. By Fox News' standards, Napolitano should have been "fired immediately" for these comments, yet Napolitano still has his own Fox Business show and Fox News frequently hosts him.

Eric Margolis has repeatedly written in support of 9-11 conspiracy theories on his website. From a September 10, 2010 post titled "9/11: The Mother Of All Coincidences":

A day after 9/11, I was asked on CNN if Osama bin Laden was behind the attack. `We have yet to see the evidence,' I replied. I maintain this position today.

Bin Laden denied he or al-Qaida was behind 9/11 and the death's of nearly 3,000 people. The plot was hatched in Hamburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain, not in Afghanistan.

Jonathan Kay writes in the National Post that this is not the first conspiracy theory that Margolis has supported:

When Israel invaded Gaza in late 2008 to stop rocket fire against Israeli towns, Margolis accused Israel of perpetrating a "final solution" -- i.e. a Holocaust. When Yasser Arafat died, he wrote a glowing ode to him in the Sun, and gave credence to the conspiracy theory that he had been killed by "an untraceable toxin" dispensed by Israel. Along the same lines, he declared that "Israeli scientists are attempting to engineer deadly micro-organisms that only attack DNA within the cells of victims with distinctive Arab genes."

Will Fox continue to allow Napolitano to give a platform to other 9-11 truthers?

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