Multimillionaire Glenn Beck Will Decide "Realistic" Teacher Salaries


Click on this clip in case you missed it yesterday. It's priceless in that wonderfully unintentional way that Beck has mastered in recent years:

It perfectly illustrates the hilarity that inevitably unfolds when union-hating members of the Fox News lineup, who earn millions, take it upon themselves to speak for the working masses.

Ryan Chittum at CJR noted the same trend this week, writing about Fox News' Eric Bolling and his union bashing:

The whole thing is flat false, but first, I can't let this pass uncommented, because it's pure Murdoch/Fox: Here we have a guy who's a rich TV anchor/commodities trader including himself with "the rest of us, all workers in the United States" to carp about teachers bringing home 700 bucks a week. Dude's a real man of the people.

And here it's Beck, who banked $32 million in 2009, announcing that it's fine for teachers (and policemen and firemen) to earn a living wage, as long as it's "realistic."

Oh, thanks Glenn.

Glenn Beck
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