Fox Primary: Rove Renews Criticism Of Palin


In a February 27 New York magazine article, Fox News contributor Karl Rove renewed his attacks on fellow Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, criticizing her for starring in a reality show and asking, "How does that make us comfortable seeing her in the Oval Office?" During the interview, Rove reportedly did a "withering impersonation of Palin" while criticizing her reality show. From the article:

One week before the 2010 midterm elections, Rove took aim at Sarah Palin, questioning the wisdom of her appearance on a reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, if she really wanted to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Palin lacked the "gravitas" to be president, went a subhead in the U.K.'s DailyTelegraph.

Rove later tried wriggling out of his comments, as well as observations he made in a German magazine that tea-partiers weren't "sophisticated," being unfamiliar, as Rove was, with intellectuals like the economist Friedrich August von Hayek. But Rove's backhands weren't accidental, nor was he the victim of outrageous tabloid reporting. When I bring up his statements about Palin during our interview, Rove says only that he wished he'd made his comments on Fox News instead--before going into a withering impersonation of Palin, recalling a scene from her TV show in which she's fishing.

"Did you see that?" he says, adopting a high, sniveling Palin accent: " 'Holy crap! That fish hit my thigh! It hurts!' "

"How does that make us comfortable seeing her in the Oval Office?" he asks, disgusted. "You know--'Holy crap, Putin said something ugly!' "


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