Whew, February 26 Passed, And We're No Closer To Beck's Predicted Marxist Caliphate

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Last week, Glenn Beck claimed that coordinated protests scheduled for February 26 might be a step on the road global unrest. Somehow, however, February 26 came and went without any noticeable move toward the global caliphate or the Marxist revolution Beck has been predicting.

After discussing the possible apocalyptic return of the Shi'ite "12th imam," a figure Beck has compared to the Antichrist, Beck discussed violence occurring in Greece. He then said that a British group has called for "a national day of action to protest" on February 26. Beck cautioned us to remember the date "February 26th" and reported that a "radical group" in the U.S. has called for "a day of action" on February 26 as well. Then Beck suggested that this was all part of a plot to spread unrest "all around the world:

BECK: From the U.K. on February 26th -- remember this date, February 26th -- there is a national day of action to protest. Now, this is in the U.K. It's led by a radical group called U.K. Uncut.

Now, I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but here in America, there is also a day of action. Protests scheduled on, of all days, February 26.What a coincidence. Oh, and the radical group behind that one here in America just happens to be called U.S. Uncut.

But don't worry. I heard on all the other news networks that it's ridiculous to think that this unrest could spread from the Middle East to Europe and eventually in America and that it would be coordinated all around the world. I'm sure they're right. Cross your fingers and go back to sleep or -- or we could try a different idea and we could get informed.

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