Fox Shamelessly Promotes Huckabee For President

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Last year, Fox News donated the equivalent of nearly $55 million in free advertising to five potential Republican presidential candidates who serve as Fox News hosts or contributors. And Fox shows no signs of stopping.

Today, Fox News' Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday to discuss various policy issues and his presidential aspirations. Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris began the discussion of whether Huckabee will run by saying that "Huckabee is getting quite a bit of buzz about a potential 2012 presidential run." And the swooning over Huckabee only got worse from there.

Check out these captions that ran while Huckabee spoke about whether he will run for president.

Man for the Job?

Huckabee is a great communicator

The Case For Mike

Video of the segment below the fold.

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