Fox Dredges Up Jeremiah Wright To Attack Obama On Libya

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Fox News this evening is in full-out attack mode on President Obama's comments about the situation in Libya. Fox News has hosted people who referred to Obama's statements as pathetic and wimpy. O'Reilly Factor regular Dennis Miller even said Obama's not "very bright" because of those comments.

Now Fox's website, the Fox Nation, has taken it to the next level by suggesting that Obama is being "cautious in his criticism" of Gadhafi because of his past connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


Fox Nation posted an excerpt of an article by titled "Obama's Mystery Links To Gadhafi Uncovered," in which Aaron Klein claims that Obama has yet to call for Gadhafi's removal because of a visit that occurred decades ago by Wright to Gadhafi. Klein also claims a link between Obama and Louis Farrakhan.

One probably shouldn't be surprised that Klein and Fox are pushing this even though Obama broke ties with Wright in 2008. After all, Klein has written multiple screeds against Obama: tying Obama to felons, amnesty, and ACORN; tying Obama to the Gaza flotilla boarded by Israel through Bill Ayers; making birther arguments against Obama; suggesting that Ayers was the ghost writer for Obama's book; etc.

It's also not surprising that Fox is promoting this story, given the network's obsession with Wright and Obama.

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