Beck's Dishonest Attack On Obama's Relationship With Israel


On tonight's show, Glenn Beck criticized the Obama's Administration's foreign policy towards Israel asking, "Israel, are they friend or are they foe?". However, in the midst of all his complaints against the Obama Administration's relations with Israel, Beck did not acknowledge that the Israeli Prime Minister recently praised the Obama administration for defending Israel at the United Nations.

Last Friday, the Obama Administration vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Israeli settlements in occupied territory since 1967 as "illegal". This was the first Security Council veto cast by the Obama administration. As reported by the Washington Post:

The Obama administration Friday cast its first-ever veto in the U.N. Security Council, blocking a Palestinian-backed draft resolution that denounced Israel's settlement policy as an illegal obstacle to peace efforts in the Middle East.

Washington Post: The U.S. vote killed off a measure that was supported by the 14 other members of the Security Council and isolated the United States on a crucial Middle East matter at a time of political upheaval in the region.


The vote Friday brought an end to a last-minute and ultimately failed diplomatic campaign to persuade the Palestinians to drop their resolution in favor of a milder statement rebuking Israel for constructing new settlements in seized Arab lands.

Obama discussed the issue with Abbas, and the administration offered to support a presidential statement saying that Israel's ongoing settlement activities lacked legitimacy. Among other measures, the administration also pledged to consider undertaking the first visit by the U.N. Security Council to the Middle East since 1979.

In fact, the U.S.'s veto led Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to offer the following remarks:

Over the weekend, US President Barack Obama decided to veto a draft UN Security Council decision condemning Israel. Israel deeply appreciates this decision and we remain committed to advancing peace both with our neighbors in the region and with the Palestinians.

Perhaps, Beck's viewers could better decide whether Israel is "friend" or "foe" to the Obama administration if Beck would honestly give them the facts.

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