FLASHBACK: Jim Hoft Calls Lara Logan A "True Media Whore"

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And yes, Hoft used the "whore" slur in a purely sexual way. This is the same Hoft who yesterday blamed Logan for being sexually attacked by an Egyptian mob last week. He literally blamed the victim.

There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

From June 26, 2008:

Hoft denounced Logan as "whore" after news about her private life made the gossip pages. At the time, right-wing bloggers like Hoft and a handful of others used the opportunity to blog their misogyny for all to see: She was an "in-bedded" reporter, get it?

Meanwhile, note that Hoft's work is often featured on Andrew Breitbart's websites. In the light of Hoft's shocking and disgusting attacks on Logan, who the blogger had previously labeled a "whore," will Breitbart cut ties with Hoft? Or does Breitbart think Hoft's deranged attack on a sexual assault victim this week fits in just fine with his editorial mission?

We're waiting Andrew.

(h/t St. Louis Activist Hub)

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