Beck Drags Anti-Poverty Organization Into His Campaign Against Google

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Tonight on his Fox News show, Glenn Beck built on his conspiracy theory that Google is colluding with the government to establish an Islamo-commie alliance to take over the world. According to Beck, not only is Google "in bed with the government," it is now "working way too close with hardcore leftists."

One of the reasons Beck gave for his personal boycott against Google -- aside from their relationship with the government and privacy concerns he just discovered -- was that the search engine has given money to Trickle Up, a non-profit international development organization that provides the world's poor with "training and seed capital grants to launch or expand a microenterprise and savings support to build assets."

Why is this objectionable? Because Trickle Up is also a "recipient of cash from the Tides Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Institute," according to Beck. That makes Google a friend of a friend of Beck's enemy.

Beck is now advising his followers to use the search engine Bing as a viable alternative to Google. But here's the thing: Microsoft, the corporation that produced Bing, has also donated to Trickle Up. I guess that puts Microsoft in bed with hardcore leftists. Maybe try, Glenn.

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