Even Fox News Won't Touch The Pigford Story

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

I understand why virtually every major news organization in America has ignored Andrew Breitbart's endless crusade/"obsession" to uncover all kinds of dastardly doings with regards to the government's Pigford settlement with black farmers. (According to Breitbart, it's all part of an Obama/Democratic plot to buy off black voters. Or something.)

I understand why the press isn't paying attention to Pigford. (There's no there there.) But even Fox News? That must be a bitter pill for Breitbart to swallow. I mean in recent days he's been setting up all kinds of press conferences and airing his videos and talking the story to death. (In the last year, Breitbart's websites have published more than 100 Pigford-related blog posts.)

But the Fox News response? Don't call us, we'll call you.

Fact: The word "Pigford" has not been uttered on Fox News this month. At least not according to a search of Nexis and TVeyes.com. And based on Nexis, which tracks the Fox News primetime offerings, the "Pigford" case has been referenced in exactly two reports over the last twelve months.

Andrew, if you can't even get Fox News on board, how do you expect anyone to take this story seriously?

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