Beck's Google Schizophrenia

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Glenn Beck's conspiracy theory about Egypt and the communists and the caliphate has expanded and evolved so many times over the past three weeks that it's near-impossible to nail down its particulars at this point. But last night Beck added a new layer to the already chaotic mess, commanding his viewers to stay away from the internet's premiere search engine because of its purportedly nefarious government ties. As Beck succinctly put it: "Don't do a Google search."

This had to be disconcerting to Beck's audience. He constantly instructs them to "do their own research," but now he's taken away the most useful arrow in the amateur researcher's quiver. They can also be forgiven for feeling a bit confused. Just two weeks ago, Beck was bragging that his followers were using Google to research his Egypt-caliphate theory -- the very same conspiracy that now casts Google as a weapon of the enemy.

Here's Beck on February 3 crowing about the Google Trends spike for "caliphate" and thanking his viewers for doing their "homework" and "not sitting there as a mindless boob or stooge."

And here's Beck on February 4 saying that the Google Trends spike for "Islamic socialism" means "America is hungry for the truth."

Of course, it remains unclear how Beck discovered that this once-laudable search tool had gone to the dark side. Perhaps he Googled it.

Glenn Beck
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