CS Monitor Links Beck's Egypt Conspiracy To His Flagging Ratings


Beck's hysterical ranting over the supposed left-wing conspiracy that toppled Mubarak and will install a radical Islamic regime in his place has earned the condemnation of Fox News contributor Bill Kristol and other prominent conservatives. Beck has responded to their criticism by instigating a full-fledged feud which today made its way into the pages of the Christian Science Monitor. In today's edition, the newspaper suggests that Beck's increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric is a response to his declining ratings:

Beck, whose signature image is being outraged at the left (tinged with conspiracy theories), apparently has decided to push his brand ever farther. Do his ratings have anything to do with that?

From January 2010 to last month, the number of his viewers dropped 39 percent - the steepest decline of any cable news show.

"It's entirely possible viewers are simply tiring of the chalkboard and the high rhetoric, which has been notably higher of late," Business Insider reported earlier this month. "And needless to say Beck is not the phenom he was a year ago, merely by dint of the country becoming more familiar with him."

Meanwhile, some 300 advertisers have asked not to be on his show - a trend that began when Beck called President Obama a "racist."

As is typically his style, Beck doesn't address the arguments of his opponents but goes after them personally.

"People like Bill Kristol ... I don't think they stand for anything anymore," says Beck. "All they stand for is power. They'll do anything to keep their little fiefdom together, and they'll do anything to keep the Republican power entrenched."

And in his latest monologue about "the new world order," Beck had this to say about his critics: "You want to call me crazy? Go to hell. Call me crazy all you want."

As Media Matters has previously reported, January 2011 was Beck's worst ratings month ever.

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